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His effrontery was received in dead silence. This struck cold to his bones, and, being naturally weak, he got violent. He said, "Allow me to send a message to my servant."

microphoneat my mouth, when I was asked about

He then tore a leaf out of his memorandum-book, wrote on it: "Robert Penfold is here; arrest him directly, and take him away"; and, inclosing this in an envelope, sent it out to Burt by Nancy.

microphoneat my mouth, when I was asked about

Helen seated herself quietly, and said, "Mr. Wardlaw, when did Mr. Hand go to America?"

microphoneat my mouth, when I was asked about

Arthur stammered out, "I don't know the exact date."

"Then the person you sent to me to tell me that falsehood was not Mr. Hand?"

"Oh, for shame! for shame! Why have you set spies? Why did you make away with my prayer-book; or what you thought was my prayer-book? Here _is_ my prayer-book, that proves you had the _Proserpine_ destroyed; and I should have lost my life but for another, whom you had done your best to destroy. Look Robert Penfold in the face, if you can."

Arthur's eyes began to waver. "I can," said he. "I never wronged him. I always lamented his misfortune."

"Monster!" said Helen, turning away in contempt and horror.



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