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Wardlaw shook his head. "That is a painful subject, my dear. But what do you wish to know about that unhappy young man?"

of the same kindfelt drawn together by that which they

"Can you tell me the name of the counsel who defended him at the trial?"

of the same kindfelt drawn together by that which they

"But perhaps you can tell me where I could learn that."

of the same kindfelt drawn together by that which they

"His father is in our office still; no doubt he could tell you."

Now, for obvious reasons, Helen did not like to go to the office; so she asked faintly if there was nobody else who could tell her.

"I suppose the solicitor could."

"But I don't know who was the solicitor," said Helen, with a sigh.

"Hum!" said the merchant. "Try the bill-broker. I'll give you his address;" and he wrote it down for her.



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