spent two months traveling as a Negro about America; thenGriffin

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"Oh, dear! how unfortunate I am!" said Helen, with a sigh.

spent two months traveling as a Negro about America; thenGriffin

"He comes back to-night. You can see him to-morrow at ten o'clock. A question of handwriting?"

spent two months traveling as a Negro about America; thenGriffin

"Not exactly," said Helen; "but he was witness in favor of a person I know was innocent."

spent two months traveling as a Negro about America; thenGriffin

"But he was found guilty," said the other, with cool frankness.

"Yes, madam. And he has no friend to clear him but me, a poor weak girl, baffled and defeated whichever way I turn." She began to cry.

The old woman looked at her crying, with that steady composure which marks her sex on these occasions; and, when she was better, said quietly, "You are not so weak as you think." She added, after a while, "If you wish to retain my son, you had better leave a fee."

"With pleasure, madam. What is the fee?"

"One guinea. Of course, there is a separate charge for any work he may do for you."



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