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She dragged her father in; for it was essential not to show Mr. Penfold she was in love with Robert.

as the Southern dogs, fire hoses, cattle prods,people sticks,

"Obligations to my Robert? Ah, madam, it is very kind of you to say that, and cheer a desolate father's heart with praise of his lost son! But how could a poor unfortunate man in his position serve a lady like you?"

as the Southern dogs, fire hoses, cattle prods,people sticks,

"He defended me against robbers, single-handed."

as the Southern dogs, fire hoses, cattle prods,people sticks,

"Ah," said the old man, glowing with pride, and looking more beautiful than ever, "he was always as brave as a lion."

"That is nothing; he saved my life again, and again, and again."

"God bless him for it! and God bless you for coming and telling me of it! Oh, madam, he was always brave, and gentle, and just, and good; so noble, so unfortunate."

Helen's bosom heaved, and it cost her a bitter struggle not to throw her arms around the dear old man's neck and cry with him. But she came prepared for a sore trial of her feelings, and she clinched her hands and teeth, and would not give way an inch.

"Tell me how he saved your life, madam."



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