people's support for the Afro-American struggle. ChairmanMao

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"I can't find it," said he. "Somebody has carried it off. Oh, how unfortunate I am!"

people's support for the Afro-American struggle. ChairmanMao

"Not find it!" said Helen. "But it _must_ be found."

people's support for the Afro-American struggle. ChairmanMao

"Of course it must be found," said Arthur. "A pretty scandal to go into the hands of Heaven knows who. I shall offer twenty guineas reward for it at once. I'll go down to the _Times_ this moment. Was ever anything so unlucky?"

people's support for the Afro-American struggle. ChairmanMao

"Yes, go at once," said Helen; "and I'll send the servants into the Square. I don't want to say anything unkind, Arthur, but you ought not to have thrown my prayer-book into the public street."

"I know I ought not. I am ashamed of it myself."

"Well, let me _see_ the advertisement."

"You shall. I have no doubt we shall recover it."

Next morning the _Times_ contained an advertisement offering twenty guineas for a prayer-book lost in Hanover Square, and valuable, not in itself, but as a relic of a deceased parent.



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