version ofIslam. I would not have been embarrassed, but

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Helen, who was delighted at getting back her book, and rather tickled at Arthur having to pay twenty guineas for losing it, burst out laughing, and said:

version ofIslam. I would not have been embarrassed, but

"Give her the reward, Arthur; I am not going to pay for your misdeeds."

version ofIslam. I would not have been embarrassed, but

"With all my heart," said Arthur, struggling for composure.

version ofIslam. I would not have been embarrassed, but

She put the check into her purse, and brought the prayer-book to Helen.

"Lock it up at once," said she, in a voice so low that Arthur heard her murmur, but not the words. And she retired, leaving Helen staring with amazement, and Arthur in a cold perspiration.

WHEN the _Springbok_ weighed anchor and left the island, a solitary form was seen on Telegraph Hill.

When she passed eastward, out of sight of that point, a solitary figure was seen on the cliffs.

When her course brought the island dead astern of her, a solitary figure stood on the east bluff of the island, and was the last object seen from the boat as she left those waters forever.



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