problem that it will probably take longer than I live before

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Mr. Hand sank all in a heap where he sat, and could say no more.

problem that it will probably take longer than I live before

Helen's flesh crawled at this confession, and at the sight of this reptile who owned that he had destroyed Robert Penfold in fear and cowardice. For a long time her wrath so overpowered all sense of pity that she sat trembling; and, if eyes could kill, Mr. Hand would not have outlived his confession.

problem that it will probably take longer than I live before

At last she contrived to speak. She turned her head away not to see the wretch and said, sternly:

problem that it will probably take longer than I live before

"Are you prepared to make this statement on paper, if called on?"

Mr. Hand hesitated, but said, "Yes."

"Then write down that Robert Penfold was innocent, and you are ready to prove it whenever you may be called upon."

"Unless your penitence is feigned, you will."

"Sooner than that should be added to my crime I will avow all." He wrote the few lines she required.



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