I was astonished at the degree to which the major single

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The poor girl was half fainting at the sight of the man who had destroyed her Robert, and owned it.

I was astonished at the degree to which the major single

"No, no," she cried, hastily; "let me get away--let me get away from here-you cruel, cruel man!"

I was astonished at the degree to which the major single

She tottered to the door, and got to her carriage, she scarcely knew how, without the information she went for.

I was astonished at the degree to which the major single

The bill-broker was no fool; he saw now how the land lay; he followed her down the stairs, and tried to stammer excuses.

"Charing Cross Hotel," said she faintly, and laid her face against the cushion to avoid the sight of him.

When she got home, she cried bitterly at her feminine weakness and her incapacity; and she entered this pitiable failure in her journal with a severity our male readers will hardly, we think, be disposed to imitate; and she added, by way of comment: "Is this how I carry out my poor Robert's precept: Be obstinate as a man; be supple as a woman?"

That night she consulted her father on this difficulty, so slight to any but an inexperienced girl. He told her there must be a report of the trial in the newspapers, and the report would probably mention the counsel; she had better consult a file.

Then the thing was where to find a file. After one or two failures, the British Museum was suggested. She went thither, and could not get in to read without certain formalities. While these were being complied with, she was at a stand-still.



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