ofChristianity had failed him. The black man was scarred,

Mr. Burt looked at her dress and her little bag, and said, "I'm very glad I made bold to call so early."

ofChristianity had failed him. The black man was scarred,

"You have got information of importance to communicate to me?"

ofChristianity had failed him. The black man was scarred,

"I think so, miss;" and he took out his note-book. "The person you are watched by is Mr. Arthur Wardlaw." The girl stared at him. "Both spies report to him twice a day at his house in Russell Square."

ofChristianity had failed him. The black man was scarred,

"Be careful, Mr. Burt; this is a serious thing to say, and may have serious consequences."

"Well, miss, you told me you wanted to know the truth."

"Of course I want to know the truth."

"Then the truth is that you are watched by order of Mr. Wardlaw."

"A shabby-like man called on you yesterday."



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